200mg CBD Oil Pet Tincture

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We carry a line of CBD oil products for your favorite family member … your pets!  Comes in a 200mg concentration tincture.

We have all of our products third-party laboratory tested. Click here to see the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the lab.

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1 review for 200mg CBD Oil Pet Tincture

  1. Adam

    Buy this!!! One of my cats has Pica (she uncontrollably eats any and all tape/adhesive related products in the house) and throws up on an almost daily basis. 1 week into the recommended dosage with her dinner she simply stopped throwing up. Still eats all the tape though! Its been about a month now and she has only thrown up once and I think its because she ate too fast. We are simply blown away. There’s no other explanation then the effectiveness of this product!

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